In 1946, Rashtriya Military School Bengaluru was established under the name King George VI Royal Indian Military College, Bangalore (KGRIMC Bangalore) by taking a nucleus of 100 south Indian Boys, 50 from KGRIMC Jullundhar and 50 from KGRIMC Ajmer. During World War II, the site of present school was used as a convalescent home for British troops. Lt Col RHD Ross of the 8th Punjab Regiment, later transferred to RAEC was the first Commandant. In 1948, Lt Col Ross retired and left for UK. His place was taken by Maj TW King the first Indian Officer in Command. In Lt Col TW King's time civilian masters began to be appointed.
The primary aim of the RMS is to prepare students for the All India Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school also prepares boys who wish to join the Indian Armed Forces for the entrance examination of National Defence Academy. Boys between the age of 10–12 years are eligible for admission to school from Class VI onward. Alumni of the five RMS are known as Georgians after their founder father.

About King George VI

George VI (1895–1952) became king of Britain unexpectedly in December 1936, because his brother King Edward VIII gave up his right to the British throne. George was the third king from the House of Windsor dynasty. George suffered from a nervous stammer, and at the beginning of his reign he lacked the confidence to speak in public.
However, he learned to manage it with the help of a speech therapist, a nd proved to be a popular monarch when completing his public duties. George was the first member of the royal family to learn to fly, and showed his bravery in 1916 when he fought in the Battle of Jutland, during World War I. He provided important support to his troops and to the British people. George coped well considering he never expected to be king. George died in February 1952 at Sandringham House, Norfolk, at the age of 56.